True Potential in a Nutshell

True Potential is a spin-out from Better based on an idea that we have been discussing for several years. 

Over 20+ years of entrepreneurship, we noticed several companies run by friends as well as others who did amazing work, had loyal customers who vouched for them but they were unable to scale for one reason or another. 

But, all of them had tremendous value locked inside them - great product, deep understanding of the market, nuanced insights, top ratings and steadily growing customers amongst other things.

At the same time, we also saw larger companies across segments who were consistently struggling to innovate internally and had a less-than-noteworthy corporate development function or inorganic acquisition thinking to solve for the lack of internal innovation. 

And if you add the deep information asymmetry around this problem, you start to understand why stellar small businesses are not being acquired by scaled large companies who can unlock their value by 100x. 

That’s the problem we are attempting to solve with True Potential - with solution-based thinking to create phenomenally successful acquisitions for both the buyers and sellers. 

True Potential is squarely focused on India as our tech ecosystem produces unicorns and decacorns and public companies who can all benefit via inorganic growth. We will focus Fintech, Edtech, D2C E-commerce, and SaaS. 

Roshan Upadhyay, who we met via our early investment in Bon, is the partner-in-crime and heads True Potential. Roshan has the perfect combination of analytical skills and empathy to do what we aim to build at True Potential - a close partner to our customers. You can reach Roshan at:

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